3 Training Tips to Get in Top Competition Shape

Nov. 13, 2013


Getting stronger in all areas of your body is essential to layering muscle and cross training properly so you meet your bodybuilding goals. After all muscles don’t work in isolation. They support other muscles as well. Therefore if you skip strengthening one group of muscles, you can tank your overall results.


Here are a few things to remember...


Focus on the Right Exercises

While there is room for a variety of routines in your training, it is critical to build up the core routines in a systematic fashion. Squats, leg presses, deadlifts, bench presses, dips, rows and chin-ups are the building blocks of a successful routine for all competitors.


You can add personalized routines on top of these core exercises. But don’t neglect the core or your overall outlook will suffer.


Below the Belt

One core area many bodybuilders skip is the legs, preferring to work on the more accessible upper body. But squats and deadlifts are core routines and you need to master them to maximize your performance for several reasons:


First, research shows that exercise in the legs has an overall positive effect on development of the entire body.


Second, it is important to develop the entire body. You don’t want to be out of proportion with a sculpted upper body and the lower body what seems to be a different person.


Third, the squat and deadlifts affect many parts of the body, including the lower back, thighs and glutes. As we said above, ignoring one set of muscles can take a toll on the others.


Cardio Exercise

During the off-season, you should limit cardio workouts to once or twice a week to channel calories to muscle building as much as possible. During the competitive season, increase cardio to 3 to 4 times a week because it is critical to burning enough body fat to get that ripped, muscular profile you want.


Work to Avoid Injury


Too many bodybuilders and weightlifters use the wrong technique day in and day out. You can't be yanking the bar into a routine, or heaving, dropping, or allowing any other excessive range of motion. When you're doing these things, an injury to yourself or others is almost in inevitable.


Proper technique will prevent injuries and ensure safety on the weight room floor. Forget about what your seventh grade football coach told you - no pain, no gain. Pain should be avoided at ALL costs. Focusing on a safe application of proper technique will put you on the way to massive gains.


Develop a Competition Style

Some of the most memorable bodybuilders were also great entertainers. Put on a show, ladies and gentlemen! Bodybuilding is entertainment. Think of the great performances that stick out in your mind. Maybe it's old-school guys like Schwarzenegger and Ed Corny. Or new school folks like Darrem Charles or Tony Catanzaro. Each gets the crowd going in their own unique way.


You need to spend time developing a performance style of your own. You don't have to be super flashy, but you do need a style or brand that best communicates your appeal. Overall, choosing the right routines, performing them safely, and working on your unique competition style, will put you in top shape for your next competition!



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