3 Tips to Get the Mindset of a Champion

Nov. 13, 2013

Even champions have their up-and-down moments along the way.


Here are three ways they cultivate their winning attitude and mindset—no matter what:


Silence Distractions


We’ve all seen people at the gym who are supposedly working out but are actually doing anything but—as they check their cell phone, talk to their friends and completely losing track of what they were doing.


You must learn to shut out distractions and focus on your goals. Bodybuilding is a long slog over many weeks before competition. If you can’t learn to focus, you will lose your way a few weeks into your campaign.


Set Goals


It’s important to set goals you can measure yourself against along the way. If you were to get in your car and drive without a destination, how would you know you had arrived? In the same way, you must set specific goals for your training and diet and monitor your progress.

This way you always know how you are doing. You can also adjust your approach as you go along to maximize your efforts just as you would drive a car differently based on traffic conditions.


Strive to Overcome Obstacles


Vince Del Monte asked fitness competitor Diane Chaloux what her biggest obstacle was to achieving her six-pack body. She said…


"The biggest obstacle was procrastination. For about three years I kept saying ‘I want to compete, I want to compete, I want to compete’ and then finally one day I said ‘What am I waiting for?’ and when I finally buckled down on my nutrition and worked really hard on my training and saw what I could achieve with my body, I haven’t turned back since.”


One of the problems with procrastination is that putting things off adds to our stress, which then makes us procrastinate more! Try to break this cycle by determining why you procrastinate on certain tasks, then make a plan to complete the task—such as writing down your competition goals—while being realistic about your limits. Then, get started! One good way is to sign up for a competition.


Bodybuilding is a sport that demands a significant commitment. By staying focused, setting goals and striving to get past obstacles, you will separate yourself from the pretenders. And when you emerge the champion on competition day, it will all be worthwhile.



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