Custom Posing Suit or Bikini


If you can sketch it, describe it, photograph it, or dream it, you can have it fabricated to your exact specification.


Anything you want - Any shape, any pattern, and any size. No matter how simple or how complex. Odds are we've done it before. After 10 years in this game, we tried our hands at every kind of swimsuit you can imagine. No challenge has ever proved too difficult.



Order your suit from us and here's what you can expect:



• Free consultation to determine your needs, budget, and overall goals.


• Personalized pattern for your posing suit or bikini.


• Custom rhinestone design, pre-approved by you through email.


• One complementary fitting by mail or an in-person fitting (local only).


• Assistance selecting the perfect fabric, color, print, and style.


• Hand sewn in padding (push-ups, foam inserts, silicone, or molded cups), when needed.


• Embellishment with connectors, broaches, pendants, or other accessories if desired.


• Advice on locating and hiring with a local seamstress/tailor.


...And much much more.


This is only scratching the surface of what you will experience as we craft a professional bikini or posing suit for your next competition.


How to order:


Now, you may notice there are no order options on this page. This is for a good reason. Constructing your custom suit requires massive personalization. There are far too many questions to cover everything as thoroughly as needed on this page. Rather than trouble you with 1 million questions and a long confusing form, it's easier to just talk to you on the phone.


Your order is for a down payment only.


After receiving your deposit, our designer will call you within 24 hours. We'll discuss your needs, what we can do for you, and only after this conversation has taken place, will a final price be determined. Simply put, custom suits have too many variables to quote prices online. This is because, in many cases, pictures and ideas must be exchanged before a final price is determined. That's why we only ask for a small down payment now. If a mutual agreement is not reached, your down payment will be refunded in full. You have absolutely nothing to risk!


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