Develop Your Own Winning Posing Style

Nov. 13, 2013

While standard poses are important, the best competitors are masters at going beyond that to develop their own posing style.


They learn the poses that best suit their unique physiques and combine them with choreography and showmanship that best suits their personality.


For example:


• If you’re an upbeat person, choose poses and staging that reflects your enthusiasm


• If you have a massive physique that moves at a slow but intense, focused level, strive for poses and staging that reflect your fierce and determined personality


• For smaller competitors, consider a more poetic or graceful approach emphasizing flow and aesthetics


Great posers of the past include Arnold Schwarzenegger, who set a bar very few have attained again. Vince Taylor was possibly the best poser in the entire 1990’s. He incorporated upbeat music and theatrics to a level not seen at the time. His signature Terminator routine is a legendary moment in the sport and very few have duplicated its entertainment value.


One of the great modern-day posers is Darrem Charles. He is constantly innovating, always bringing something new to the stage and leaving audiences in awe.


Two elements of posing style are choreography and showmanship.




In the free posing portion of the competition, athletes complete their posing routines set to music. They sequence through the compulsory poses as well as several of their own. Make sure to pick music that reflects your personality and style.


If you have more of an urban vibe then use rap music. If you have more of an upbeat-type personality, look for music that fits. Take the time to try different approaches.


Incorporate an element of grace in your movements. Do not be overly dramatic but seek to be smooth with a certain amount of poetry and timing in your transitions. Transitions can be slow or quick or a combination of both.


Check out videos of Ed Corney who may have been the best transition man in history. He makes it look easy. You should strive for the same level of grace and ease.



Put on a Show!


For fitness routines and routines where you can create a character, make sure you become that character totally. You are on stage and you are performing. It is up to you to communicate the character’s qualities and personality, even if you’re not wearing a costume.


Remember that posing not only presents the muscle in its best light, it is actually affecting the muscle by pumping blood into it. The blood carries nutrients and oxygen which cause it to swell up. In a sense your body is backing you up. You are presenting the muscles as best you can while the body senses the blood necessary to do just that.


Remember that at this level, the competitors are all strong. The difference between the top few entrants is very small. What will separate you from the others is your confidence. Many times confidence is the tipping point between champions and also-rans because it translates into the best presentation and the best poses.


The bottom line—take the time to show off all your hard work with style by choosing the poses and staging that will win over the judges and wow the audience.




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