Our Flagship Product!

PHYSIQUE Protein Shake


A slow-blend, concentrated protein shake with no trans-fats or oils. A well rounded drink that mixes great and tastes even better. Available in 3 flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry.


We intentionally chose not to zero-carb this one; and for good reason. Think of this more like the kind of healthy meal- loaded with vitamins and minerals- needed for a vigorous lifestyle. It's like two entire chicken breasts, with an added balance of carbs and fiber, served up in a smooth and creamy delicious shake.


A standard serving is loaded with 24 g of protein and can be jacked up with an extra scoop. The product's fine grade can be seen just by looking.


No fluff- air expanding the whey to look bigger.


In other words, what you read on the bottle is exactly what you get.


Mixes great and taste even better. There are no trans fats and no oils here, with only a minute amount of healthy carbs. What that means is our protein shakes give you 100% of all you need daily!


720 Grams in Each Order


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