Posing Suit Style #1


You don't need to worry about prejudging compliance because every pattern is designed meeting and exceeding all NPC posing suit standards and judging regulations.



Triangle top

V-cut front bottoms

V-cut back bottoms




Note: You will select your suit's options after you click on Add To Cart.



This suit can be ordered with or without embellishment.

If ordered, stones will be the same color and pattern pictured above.

This design includes approximately 320 stones! and costs an additional $120. If you need this suit with another design, no problem! Just click here to order a custom suit and we'll work with you to design a suit anyway you want it.


Padding options:


Most pads will slip effortlessly into the pre-sewn inner pockets...




Save your time and we'll find the perfect shaped set of pads to complement you, without bulging seams or unwanted lumps.


Just select one of the following:


Standard Foam Pads are about an eighth of an inch thick. Just enough to improve overall shape. When you don't need a drastic change, choose this option for fullness, support, and a subtle enlargement. (Add $5).


Push-up Pads always provide enough change to notice! Be prepared to gain one full cup size and a significant increase in lift. (Add $20).


Important: To account for a size increase when ordering push-ups, always select one size larger than your natural bra size.


Is this suit close, but not quite right? Seeking a similar suit with different fabric, accessories, rhinestones, or other modifications? If so click here now!



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