Posing Suits - How to Look Good & Feel Good on Stage

Nov. 13, 2013

Competition suits are not like suits for swimming.


They are specially designed to help you look your best whether you compete in bodybuilding, figure or fitness competitions by increasing attention where you want it and decreasing it in areas you want to downplay.


Suits can be purchased pre-made or custom. Pre-made suits offer outstanding quality at significant savings. Custom suits will give you a unique look that fits you to a “T”.


Choosing the Right Suit


Whatever suit you choose should fit like a glove and be made of the best material possible because you need to have total confidence when you step on stage. But also, a suit that does not fit well can earn you demerits from the judges.


Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:


• It’s important to match your suit to your skin tone. Since you will be using bronzer and tanner, make sure your suit matches the tone of those products. You might want to hold fabric samples against your skin to check.


• Your suit should be cut high on the hip to show off your leg and lower obliques, and the front narrow enough to showcase the hip flexors.


• Keep in mind that thong cuts are not allowed, so make sure the bottom portion covers your butt. But the judges do want to see your glutes. A rule of thumb is to make sure the fabric is “three fingers wide” on either side.

Looking Your Best at Competition


Here are two things to keep in mind for the big day. One, use a product called Bikini Bite under your suit. This will make sure the fabric stays in place—keeping the sides high and the back in place.

Also, be sure to bring back-up suits to the competition. Luggage gets lost and stolen—things spill and tear. The last thing you want is to have to rush around a new city to find one in time!


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