Slather Your Skin to Show Off Your Hard Work

Nov. 13, 2013

Now that you’ve done the hard work, it’s time to make sure it shows well on competition day.


Darker, shiny skin showcases your hard work the best under the bright lights—so here’s how to get it.


Tanning Products


Tanning is critical because the darker your skin is, the easier it’ll be for the judges to see the lines of your physique. Remember–the very bright lights on stage are much different than daylight or lighting found in stores, homes and offices and will wash you out unless you are protected by a good tanning product.


Essentially, it would be difficult to be too dark. Therefore, when you think you’ve applied the right amount, apply one more coat.


Here are some of the most popular tanning products:


Pro Tan


Probably the most popular tanning product on the market today, this is a liquid tanning agent you apply with a sponge. It will remain very solid even after applying oil and sweating under the hot lights. It does have a funny smell and is kind of messy. But it will give you a great base to work from.


Jan Tana


This lotion comes out very evenly and gets very dark with just two to three coats. It washes off a lot easier than Pro Tan though, so it’ more prone to smearing or running.


Dream Tan


This is another lotion that applies evenly and quickly. One common use is to apply it in the morning before the pre-judging. Many competitors will go for 2 coats. If you use Dream Tan, forego the use of oil because there is oil in it.



Posing Oil


Quality posing oil will enhance and show off your muscles like crazy. The problem is when people use far too much and oil drips off them during competition. Therefore, use a light hand when you apply oil. A thin, even coat will do wonders.


Here are some options:


• Many people use oils created for this purpose, which includes popular brands like Pro Tan MuscleJuice and Jan Tana Posing Oil, among others


• Some competitors opt to use Pam, the cooking oil. If you go this route, have someone spray you from about 12 inches away in even stokes


• Menthol-based oils like Pro Tan Hot Stuff are also common because they warm your skin while greatly enhancing your vascularity


Finally, competition day is not a good time to try something new. So choose and try out your tanning and posing oil products ahead of time so you can walk onto the stage with confidence on the big day!

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