The Final Countdown to Competition Part 3 –
Last Minute Checklist

Nov. 13, 2013

This is the third in our on-going Final Countdown Series of articles.


In Part 1 we covered how to get the most out of pre-contest dieting


In Part 2 talked about couple do’s and don’ts of the ever-so-important pre-contest training


If you haven’t done so already, now would be a great time to catch up and read these 2 articles—just make sure to come back when you’re done because today we’re covering…


9 Things NOT To Overlook On Competition Day


After many weeks and months of training, the big day is finally at hand. Hopefully, you made sure your submission was in by the date marked on the registration material and joined the NPC already (if not, do it now!).


Here’s a list of items to make sure you have before you leave for the competition:


• A map—you may even want to consider mapping out the route beforehand and making a trial run to ensure you arrive on time.


Your posing suit AND a back-up suit


• Snacks—you will get hungry, count on it. Keep some honey or peanut butter on hand


A copy and back-up copy of your music


• Water! You need plenty of sodium free water


• Potassium on hand to help keep away cramps


Enough tanning and posing oil—you don’t want to be that person who is always borrowing stuff


• Extra cash


Something to wipe off your hands after applying all your products


Good luck!



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