Why YOU should compete in NPC contests

Nov. 5, 2013

One of the greatest moments of life is being on stage, at the peak of your game, with thousands cheering you on. And one of the beauties of this sport is that almost everyone can enter—put in the work and you get a shot.


So, you’ve been showing up everybody at the neighborhood gym.


You are the first to come in and the last to leave. You’ve got striations you could plant corn in and wheels with more definition than a Funk and Wagnall’s dictionary.


It’s time you stepped up to an NPC competition!


You might be thinking, “I’m doing great as a recreational bodybuilder. Why should I compete?”


Here are 3 reasons why:


• You can see what you are made of. Sure, you push hard. Competition will take you a little further, challenging you a little more.


• You can test your diet discipline. Isn’t it funny how regular people think the entire industry is mostly about lifting weights 14 hours a day? You know the truth—diet is what separates champions from hangers-on. Straying just a little too much off your diet will knock you out the limelight fast. Nutrition gives you maximum vascularity (which is the amount of veins over muscle).


• You can test yourself against others. Athletes of all types know that a competition is a lot different from playing hard. Competition induces nervousness and fear. You’ll learn to control it and channel it.


• You’ll have fun! OK, it’s not all fun. But you’ll meet a lot of great people and the atmosphere is really exciting.


Competitors grow immensely and enjoy the process of just getting ready to compete. All the fun on competition day is just icing on the cake!

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